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02-09-2007, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Does anyone think that playing Higgins on the 3rd line for the time being would be a good idea? He is struggling to score at the moment (although many are) and is only in his second year. He has recently(ish) come back from an injury and hasn't played as well as he did beforehand. Playing on the 1st line, it is expected you should score and from what I've heard of the games and peoples comments, it isn't just that his scoring is gone, his whole game is struggling at times. He ended last season scoring at will and began this season the same way, could it be that he is putting too much pressure on himself to be a 'scorer' instead of just trying to be a player? From the third line, he can contribute and find his game and when he gets hot, he can be moved back up to the top line. In the mean time, it opens up a space on the top line to try either Pez or Sammy (or maybe someone else) and get them into gear.

Seeing as I can't watch the games, I don't have as good a read on whats happening with him as many others here, but I'm wondering if taking some of the pressure off him might help? What does everyone else think?
Completely agree. He's showing flashes of his skill every so often but spends most of his time second-guessing the play. It's much like Bouillon was at the start of the season.

It just reinforces my opinion that the players are getting conflicting orders from the coach. Higgins' problem is just more evident because he has the added problem of seeming unsure if his injury is entirely healed.

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