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02-09-2007, 10:29 AM
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Yeah you'll get a totally different answer now than you would have gotten ten years ago, and will in ten years when we're good again.

Right now New York is not a hockey town. An A-Rod sneeze, a David Wright radio appearance, or Eli Manning's job security are flashed all over the newspapers, while our winning and losing streaks in late 2006 were barely noticed. Even Mark Messier trying to worm his way back to the team is treated as an afterthought. Imagine if Lawrence Taylor said he wanted to replace Ernie Accorsi? There wouldn't be enough trees to document it.

But it's cyclical. Pittsburgh wasn't a hockey town, now it is. After getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs the last two seasons, even Hockeytown isn't really hockeytown right now. The Avs might not sell out a game for the first time in like six seasons. St. Louis used to lead the league in they have to give away free food, and some people are saying the team might be moved. Chicago Stadium was the second loudest rink in the it's like a library. The Montreal Forum was quiet and reserverd...the Bell Centre is alive and electric. Everything changes.

Look at it this way...when the Mets or Yankees are bad, people stop coming. Knicks too. But not Ranger fans.

Ten years of mismanagement, idiots in ownership and management, bad trades and FA signings looking for the quick fix, brutal coaches, a lack of effort on the ice, an arena where in lots of seats you can't see one of the goals, no direction, not enough hope for the future, and yet....we're still there.

Just think what'll happen if we're ever good again.

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