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Originally Posted by donutboy View Post
Cheering for a team that stinks and not wanting what is best for the team doesn't make you a loyal fan. Many people here know this team stinks. Many people here realize we were promised a rebuild and were lied to YET again. Many people here realize that becoming sellers and firing Renney would help for the future.

Many people here hope that after enough fire sales, this moronic organization will finally join the rest of the hockey league and realize that you can't buy playoffs with old farts and cast off's from the rest of the NHL.
I dont remember any promise. Who said that?

Whos having a fire sale?? Dont put words in my mouth. I'm not one of your "many people"

Anyway this has nothing to do about Loyalty. Im sure there are plenty of fans here who continue to spend their hard earned money at these games including me. If thats not loyal i dont know what is.

Bandwagon!? Thats only true when the team is good! This wagon is going the wrong way, unless someone wants to hitch a ride to a golf course they should jump on this wagon.

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