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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
the Worlds Fair didn't require a bobsled/luge track, a world class alpine skiing slope, ski jumping hills, speed skating and short track facilities, a curling facility,etc. How many sheets of ice are there in Knoxville?

if you thought I meant hotels and such Im sorry you misunderstood. My point was it would take massive construction to build the facilities needed for Knoxville to host a Winter games, and then what would be done with them afterwards?
Very little in Knoxville or the surrounding area is in place for hosting Winter Games. Even the surrounding areas in the Smokies, as others have mentioned, aren't adequate. Knoxville was turned upside down and inside out in the years leading up to hosting the World's Fair. The entire interstate system was reworked and expanded. Building a few ice skating facilities and an Olympic Village wouldn't involve much more than what was built for the World's Fair. Ski slopes, jumps, and luge tracks create different obstacles that probably could not be overcome.

After the Fair, the site was used for several different purposes, none of which lasted. But there was political will and the money to back the project, so it happened.
Winter Games in Tennessee doesn't make sense. But if the Haslam family (political and financial backing) wanted it... who knows.

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