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02-01-2004, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan
ya, give me a ****** break.

HIs spear on Marhkov, get a friggin life, your still whining about that love tap he gave him after all the stick work Marhkov was doing...........

And koivu, please he high sticked two Bruins in that game, i dont see u whining about that so dont such a hiporcritic

And oh ya, Knubles nice cut under his chin,,,,,,,,,,,but hey, only if its Joe Thronton is it intentional, right?????

The hipocrits on this ENTIRE site are really starting to sour my tatse of these boards.......
well then you better just go back to the bruins board so your not around hypocrits, and of coarse no ones biased or foolish there, quike young one go, your eyes are being violated here leave at ones before you get hurt.

what a chump, go post your threads in the homer-freindly bruins board, and post your worthless thoughts there as well, but not here, we dont want anymore crazies.

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