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Originally Posted by Annihilator View Post
I only say this cause i see the Saku really not playing that well....and with his Roomate Rivet being benched maybe Saku has lost fate in Carbo and it has trickled to the other players....and add to the fact the whole Sammy affair and the lack of goals and the constant Line juggling...This all smells pretty bad ....I'm not saying that this is fact...but it is fuel for thought

Personally this team was a 6-7-8 place team starting this year and we played over our heads for the first half ...and although everyone had high hopes ...this is still and 6-7-8 seed."if you are realistic"..lets just hope the team can get together and get that seed and put a few wins together.
In my opinion, any player who does not want to buy into Carbo's coaching style or his methods for handling players....they should hit the road!!!
Since when do the players run the team and make all the decisions???? It seems like if the players don't like the coach or the style of play the coach wants to play, they just seem to stop trying and shut down.
Well I for one am getting sick of all the bull**** about Carbo losing his players and not doing things the right way and such. CARBO IS THE COACH!!! if the players don't wanna play the way he wants them to, they will be benched.....if they don't like getting benched and still don't want to play Carbo's them or cut them or something. We need to have players who are willing to adjust and play the way the coach expected them to play.....and until that starts to happen....we will fall out of the playoff picture.

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