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Originally Posted by FreeRadicals View Post
@JasonGregor: Seats at Rogers place will be minimum 19 inches wide, one inch bigger than Rexall. Also will have 1000 seats that are 21 inches. #Oilers

Bodybuilders and the morbidly obese of Edmonton rejoice!
Honestly the width of the seats doesn't really matter all that much. Make them 23 inches wide won't really matter if the seat in front of you is too close.
Originally Posted by Mr Positive View Post
On Stauffer's show a couple of days ago that Daily Doug guy had a great suggestion that would have been great (but isn't happening).

We should have petitioned the league to have a bigger ice surface. Not Olympic sized but that hybrid size they have in Finland (i believe it's Finland). It would reflect the skating and skill identity of the Oilers and I believe we could have succeeded in getting it if we really wanted it. There is precedent for it in that MLB doesn't have every field to the exact same specs.

It would also give us an advantage in that more Oilers would be selected to the Olympics because they would be more used to bigger ice.

Also just on an ending note, the game has changed. Players are bigger and faster than before. It's not that crazy to expect the rink to change as well. I like the look of the game with more room out there.
Totally different ball of wax. NHL isn't going to have different ice surface sizes unless they are forced to. It is crazy to expect the rink to change at this point. The time to implement this was back in the the early 90's when teams started making new barns. But with over half the arenas in the league being built between 93-99 you pretty much have to wait until those arenas are ready to be replaced to implement a change like that.

What would be the point of us stopping at hybrid ice surface anyway? At that point you might as well have it designed to international specs.

Not sure what it would cost to have an ice surface that can change sizes, but that's about the only thing I could see the NHL allowing.

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