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Originally Posted by Azalichio View Post
He played well enough to get a place on the team in training camp. Stats weren't there but he wasn't playing that bad on the fourth line. Begin was but a shadow of what he was last year on that line and Murray/Downey have been pretty bad so far this season. Carbo probably thought that for a game or two he could try him with them and it clicked. Good enough he kept him there till Higgins came back.

edit : Latendresse could also have earned his spot outside the ice, by always being intense in practice and always doing what he's told to do without whining. We don't know if Perezhogin and Samsonov have been doing that.

Hell for all we know things could be going like this in the training :

carbo : Sammy, all you have to do is drive the net! that's it! that's what you used to do in your first season!
Sammy : wah?
Carbo : just drive the net!
Sammy : the net?
Carbo : yes.... that thing with the guy in front!!
Sammy : but there's big guy there....
Carbo : but that's what made you win the Calder damnit!
Sammy ( to kovalev ) : what's this guy talking about..?
Hey I love Lats, but he never should've been put on the 1st line before Samonov or Perezhogin.

It's all about earning your dues, Samonov is a 7year NHL veteran who just came of the final round of the playoffs, scoring 15pts in 24 games.

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