Thread: Trade Weber?
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02-14-2014, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
Part of me wants to keep SW and part of me wants to get as much top talent for him as we can. I just don't know...
We all want to keep Weber. But we also know we have like a 1.3% chance of obtaining young top-end offensive talent without trading Weber.

And the scenario some people don't like to face-- Weber may want out. He said he wanted to play with more talent before he signed an extension, and we've gotten worse since he said that. Logic would suggest it's a real possibility he'll want out if we don't turn it around quickly.

It's not a win-win situation. It's a desperate situation. When things are desperate, hard decisions have to be made-- OR you can do what you'll always done and things get worse (the story of the Nashville Predators the last 2 years). If things had been addressed before they were desperate, we'd be in a much easier position right now. But they weren't, and we're not.

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