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02-14-2014, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SillyMe View Post
I have much lower versions of what I did.....expectations at this point are FAR lower!
I was supposed to play PU for the 1st time in many years last weekend, but it fizzled I went to Stick time again today, but I actually wore all my gear except shoulder pads this time....I haven't suited up since Peewee hockey, and I'm 49 around 37 years ago.

Felt really good, so good, that when I got back to the house, I wanted to go back out and play, and I was far more aggressive with my skating with all the gear on.

The little things are great for an old guy like me that stopped playing organized Hockey at 12, and stopped skating totally at ~ 15.

I know guys, wtf? right!
I needed to get that done though....let's just say that some of us are a lot easier to please, and it felt really good when a C level player told me that I had nothing to worry about, and that he was very surprised that I hadn't skated or played for that long.
Was supposed to play PU tonight too...but it was cancelled due to it being Valentines Day!

B!*%^es are killin' me!
Excellent! You've got the itch

You've probably thought about how it would feel to play again a lot. I've noticed if I take a month or 2 off, and don't think about playing at all I come back and skate like garbage, but if I've thought about skating and kept myself in shape mentally I step on the ice and dont feel rusty at all.

Granted 1 or 2 months is nowhere near 30+ years but you get my drift

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