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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
I'm okay with saying that all those teams blew it by passing them.
Tbf he was as a being outproduced by guys like Afinogenov, Lyashenko, Pastukh and Balmochnykh... who were all a year or two younger in the year he was drafted!

At the same age in the same league in the same year Andrei Markov had double the PPG from the blueline!

And then it was not until he was 22-23 that he broke out in Russia! Like 3 years after being drafted.

I know NHL teams have more extensive networks for scouting these days...

I doubt for example Zetterberg would be missed today.

He would be a 2nd rounder today I reckon with being on Swedish youth teams, playing with men age 17 and getting 28 in 37 in his draft year vs men in what is now Allsvenskan!

Him and Martensson (probably NHL standard in different circumstances... he was great in SHL and for Sweden) went super late for their production as teens in a men's league. That kind of production now (look at Nylander... slightly better production) would get a lot of hype... Weinhandl would have been a top 15 pick today I reckon.

But I can still imagine Datsyuk being missed. No one drafted him in his draft year even, never on a Russian junior team, never a standout etc... he would have been drafted earlier (in years or rounds) today if more had seen him... but there are still a lot of euros with fantastic hands who are on the small side who get drafted late.

Even Hakan Andersson basically said it was luck!

Though tbh scouts just rarely get it wrong these days: Benn, Streit, Polak, Demers and Hornqvist are probably the 5 biggest draft 'misses' in the last 10 years! (ie they got past the first 100 picks!)

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