Thread: Speculation: What If Jaromir Jagr Never Left?
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02-14-2014, 09:26 PM
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I think jagr could of been an x-factor in the 11-12 playoffs. The rangers didn't need that many more goals against the devils to have moved on. I don't feel like writing much right now but I always thought it was a major disappointment that jagr left after only 3 seasons. And hindsight being what it is, I just read what RB said about never seeing him as a ranger, I actually really liked watching jagr play, I ended up seeing him play a ton live and more often then not when I was there he had dominating moments in every game.
Ive been saying for 2 years or so now, the rangers let an all-time great and a guy who potentially would have entered the HOF wearing a Ranger jersey, walk out of their brand, somebody regrets that.

Look, I dunno if it really was 'make me the highest paid player on the team or Im going to Russia', or if Sather never planned on signing him to a deal himself, instead allowing Jagr to carry the Rangers brand out of the lockout with the 3 years left on the sweetheart deal (in which washington pad over 3 million of jagr's salary a season, against their cap), and always planning on having let him walk. And if that's the case, I wouldn't be shocked if Jagr insisted on being the highest paid player on the team as a way of signifying, look if you want me after all, pay up. So honestly I dunno if they realistically could have struck a deal, and I don't know if Jags playing in the NHL for the last 7 years as opposed to getting 3 years of RR over in the K, if he'd be as effective as he is today. But dang, I give him all the credit in the world. Dudes a 45 year old man, playing a mans game, and I saw him work over McDonagh once this season. Guy can still do it.

I always saw lindros as a bigger rival to me. The 92 playoffs don't sting for me bc I was 9 and two seasons later they won the cup. Lindros and Flyer ending the ranger run in 97' killed me. My dad had went in on a share for that season, and we saw a lot of the home playoff games live, vividly remember the view of Gretzky's celebration after his hat trick goal against the Panthers, from the seats we had. sect 324. Lindros put a dagger in the rangers game 4 i think, the rangers were down 2-1 in the series, had just tied up game 4 late in the third and the garden was rocking, and like 15 seconds later Lindros, dagger, 3-1. Lose in 5. Messier gone in the offseason, never make the playoffs again until after lost season.

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