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02-15-2014, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Mozesmadness View Post
I'll rank the percentage chance of our CHL guys to make an NHL roster:

Darnell Nurse- 100%- There is no doubt he plays in the NHL.
Mitch Moroz- 95%- I have great confidence he'll be in the show as a 3rd or 4th liner.
Jujhar Khaira- 75%- Great size and complete game shutdown third liner IMO.
Marco Roy- 50%- Good tools, undersized, injury issues.
Greg Chase- 50%- Has the makings of a good role player.
Jackson Houck- 30%- I really like Houck he has size and grit, bottom sixer.
Kyle Platzer- 15%- My pick as a big dark hoarse, NHL release and a hard worker. Still a longshot.
Ben Betker- 10%- Big and mean skating not as bad as I initially thought but lacks hockey sense.

I'll add that this is the happiest I've been with our prospect pool in some time, lots of potentially great bottom six role players and stud defencemen.

Oilers fans are like a wounded dog when it comes to getting exited about prospects but things are shaping up nicely in the pipeline IMO.

I've seen him live three times, and he makes a lot of easy plays and doesn't force much. His hockey IQ isn't his downside IMO whatsoever. He engages at wrong times, but it's not glaring.

His overall ability is what holds him back, IMO. He's a very capable skater, but doesn't possess a shot or much of a passing ability. That, though, can be taught. Then again, he didn't get ANY PP time, but played on PK quite a bit in his showings. Also, he wasn't very mean. He played hits when he was supposed to, to rub players off of the puck (again, his IQ isn't bad whatsoever), but was beaten several times on the outside, as his lateral skating isn't the greatest.

He's actually a very capable player though. His skating, and his hands are surprisingly very good considering his size.

Khaira, in my viewings was used in a shutdown role which sucked (I wanted to see him in an offensive role, but I get how this depth would help). I've only seen him twice, as he was injured the first Everett game I took in. Anyways, his speed has a lot to be desired. We saw him in Penticton, and the preseason, and he looked alright, but outside of holding a decent top speed, his first few steps and maintaining a competitive speed against rivals on their attack in our zone needs quite a bit of work.

His shot is also below average, but his head is ALWAYS on a swivel. It's amazing how many times he would battle in his own, or the opposite zone and he would hold the puck on the boards until kicking or passing it out at the exact time his teammate would appear.

This isn't a fluke. It happens a lot.

Anyways, Betker likely won't make it without proper development, and the same goes to Khaira, but he has a much higher hockey IQ.

We'll see..

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