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02-09-2007, 11:45 PM
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People might start "season was over when.." threads, and Fire sale threads, etc...but the fact is...when that puck drops and you jump up when the Rangers score a goal matter if its tonight's game or the last game of the season and we are 20 points out of playoff are a true fan.

A lot here (me included) post stuff just to express anger and get it off our chest. I've said when I thought the season was over...but every day I'm wishing the rangers pull off a great finish and make that #8 spot.

I was at the game tonight as well...and I jumped up for every goal and celerbrated like it was a damn OT winning playoff goal...

Don't take what you read here too serious as most of it is just releasing anger about the team we all love (or most at least).

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