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02-10-2007, 12:58 AM
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wait a second here...
two things,
1- since 1979 we have won two cups and been in a third final... not quite in line with the glorious tradition, true, but how badly do you think the Leafs/Bruins/Flyers (just to name a few of our rivals) wish they could have had that kind of success in the last 25 years, bet their fans would have given up a lindros/sundin/neely for a couple of cups!

2- the top scorer/franchise player thing definitely helps when you suck so bad that you get a few years of draft picks, BUT, several of the top scorers both this year and last could have been had by the habs... takes a little bit of foresight, some shrewd managing and a touch of luck.
for example:
- Martin St-Louis (for years he bounced around, and could have been had for peanuts)
- Joe Thorton (stuart/the bad primeau/sturm... think we could have offered more than that... i know i know, boston wouldnt have traded him to a conference rival....)
- Marc Savard (went to Atlanta for nothing from Calgary)
- Teemu Selane (signed for peanuts after terrible season with avs)
- Ray Whitney (not a perenial all-star, but on pace for 90+ pts this year, again available for next to nothing several times)
- Jagr (went to NY for Beech/Sivek/Lupaschek AND wash is still paying part of his contract!!)
- Ollie jokinen (the current "answer to our prayers" made his way to Florida WITH Luongo in exchange for Kvasha and Parrish !!!!)

I'm sure if you went back, year for year, you'd find a few guys each season who hit the top ten in scoring and were aquired by their team for very little.

anyways, point is that our lack of a real scorer is not just a matter of not having had a string of top picks in the last 25 years, it's a combination of
- AWFUL drafting from the late 80's until 3-4 years ago, +
- some TERRIBLE management (Leclair, Recchi, Turgeon are all guys that went on to have 90+ pt/or over a PPG seasons after they were dealt with not as much coming the other way... and it's hard to imagine that we could have got any less than we did in trading Roy, he alone should have brought back the picks/prospects that would eventually turn into franchise players!!), +
- downright bad luck (Koivu was leading the league in scoring when he suffered his first major injury).

So yeah, not having a big time scorer to cheer for sucks, but the future (thanks to Savard/Gainey/Timmins) looks much brigther, and I'll take the two cups in 25 years over no cups and a boatload of scoring titles ANYDAY.


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