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02-15-2014, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
I guess I don't understand why you, and others are so down on him. He needs a top 6 role. Hartford doesn't have one available. He is dominating the ECHL which is still a good league.

1st year pro. If the Rangers had a player go back as an overages and absolutely tear it up, ala Callahan when he was sent back, people would be ecstatic but when a prospect dominates a professional second tier league people get down?

He has scored at every level. Part of the reason he fell in the draft was because he was so under developed and weak physically. That's a good thing. Strength can be gained through time and training. He has very good vision and puck skills.

I guess I just don't understand how spending 1 year in the ECHL is a bad thing when he was eligible to go back as an overager.
Hartford has been one of the worst offensive teams in the AHL all season. What centers have been blocking him? Oscar Lindberg, sure, but who else? Kyle Jean, who is trash? Andrew Rowe, fellow ECHL-caliber offensive player? Miller has only been there half the year. It's not like Hartford has had some stacked depth at center that was preventing him from getting a look. If he was such a dynamo, they'd put him on a wing somewhere.

I'm not writing him off entirely, and I'm not down on him just because of this season. I've never been impressed. He has always struck me as a "4A" player. He has skill, but he doesn't think the game fast enough or react quickly enough. That has always been my impression of him.

Yeah, he could become a good player down the road. The odds are strongly against him. I just don't see anything in him that scream high-end prospect to me. He looks like Erik Christensen if things go right. If things go wrong, he's your average ECHL All-Star/AHL tweener.


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