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Originally Posted by Caps2Fan View Post
I've seen that No Icing Pro Shop has been mentioned a few times on this thread. I just sent them a "skate profile questionnaire" so that they can recommend a profile for my runners. Has anyone ever done this and what did you think?

Sorry to bring up a new topic, figured it was better than starting a whole new thread about sharpening.
I did it and am extremely happy with it. They recommended a more pitched profile with a combination radius. Also a fbv. Not sure how much is placebo but i felt i skated better. Fbv was amazing for spring and summer play. Winter time i went with a deeper fbv cut.

I have 3 sets of steel that i do in rotation. When 2 need sharpening i mail them off. Theyre very quick in their turnover.

Before noicing i had problems with consistent sharpens. I wasnt as good a skater then but i could still tell when my blades didnt feel right.

I may have them redo my profile because i have my own thoughts as to how to tweak it after using their suggested profile for a year but their initial assessment was great. I feel it helped my skating a lot.

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