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02-15-2014, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
No. It was. There was no wisdom--conventional or otherwise--about it. There's only one way that pick would've been lower. The chances future picks would've been higher is astronomical. I will agree that the "conventional wisdom" that drives most GMs is maddening at times. A lot of them are horribly shortsighted.

They just didn't want to give it up. Maybe a mix of hubris and stubbornness since they probably felt rather indignant about being made into an example about how not to circumvent the cap. But there was no logic and certainly no justification behind not giving up the 29th overall pick.
I still think the extra development time was the key reason for them to keep that pick. I'm sure that the Devils were well aware that the draft pick in 2014 would likely be in a better position than in 2012, but they most likely expected to stay competitive so that it would still fall in the bottom half of the first round. That being the case, I do think that 2 years of development time is worth 10-14 spots in a weak draft.

Of course, if the pick ends up being top 10, then they end up losing. But if the pick is in the second half of the draft, then personally, I think it was the right decision on their part, so long as they are trying to remain competitive and aren't rebuilding.

Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Surprisingly a lot of scouts are really stupid when it comes to present time, a reason why MacKinnon went over Jones in a 4 game tournament, LOL.

If he did this before the draft then I would agree with you, but there is alot of time before now and draft. I still think he will be a top 2 round player.
They way I looked at it was that most of the scouts had those players neck-and-neck with each other, which was why the players' current play would sway the rankings. You don't usually see the rankings changing so much in most years, in that year, I think it was just because the scouts considered MacKinnon and Jones so close to each other.

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