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02-15-2014, 04:35 PM
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The New Arena Thread

Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Honestly the width of the seats doesn't really matter all that much. Make them 23 inches wide won't really matter if the seat in front of you is too close.

Totally different ball of wax. NHL isn't going to have different ice surface sizes unless they are forced to. It is crazy to expect the rink to change at this point. The time to implement this was back in the the early 90's when teams started making new barns. But with over half the arenas in the league being built between 93-99 you pretty much have to wait until those arenas are ready to be replaced to implement a change like that.

What would be the point of us stopping at hybrid ice surface anyway? At that point you might as well have it designed to international specs.

Not sure what it would cost to have an ice surface that can change sizes, but that's about the only thing I could see the NHL allowing.
I disagree. It does matter. I got a friend who is overweight and loves watching oiler games, but he can't enjoy sitting in Rexall Place because the chairs are very uncomfortable. He's not HUGE but he has to sit closer to the edge of his seat to even feel remotely comfortable. And we all know everyone MUST sit back in their seat. Plus then theres the people who sit next to you who touch you because they got no room to move their arms or even get their wallet out of their pockets because of those stupid armrests. If they aren't gonna make the seats 22 inches wide, then at LEAST have moveable armrests! would make it a LOT more enjoyable.

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