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02-10-2007, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by mucker View Post
I don't currently live in the tri state region being a transplant raised most of the time outside.

I'm wondering for those who do call the tri state area home, if you could answer, how big is hockey in New York?

Is hockey a very popular and passionate sport that not only has a big following with the Rangers, but a lot of passionate fans and good youth hockey programs?
Is it more popular than basketball and invoke similar passion to the region as football and baseball, or at least is right behind those, or is it a sharp drop off and behind the sport of basketball?

I get mixed takes.
On one hand MSG is sold out, the Rangers appear to have a large passionate fanbase, much better when the team is consistent, the NHL has several players who grew up in New York and the area has three NHL teams.

However, the NYPost and media seem to give hockey horrendous coverage signficantly less than football, baseball, and basketball.
Mike and the maddog while they talk primarlily only baseball and football, still seem to have a lot more conversation on basketball than hockey,

It just seems the New York, for some reason unlike the other northeastern cities of Bos and Phi and unfortunately has more basketball than hockey people, as Max Kellerman said.

My question, how big is hockey in New York, how does it compare to the other northeastern cities in terms of where it stands relative to the NBA.

Nothing irriates me like having a bunch of ignorant basketball fans bashing hockey, that's the one thing I can't take away or say bad about Philly, they seem to do it right in putting hockey above the much less skilled sport of basketball.
We seem to have too many Mike and the maddog hockey ignorant people in New York compared to BOS and PHI, is this accurate or am I wrong?
what r u writing a book?
....and I thought u live in the tristate area

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