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Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
well, just read any Mantha thread on the prospects board or Wings board

After the 2012 draft I said I was almost in tears because Timmins picked Galchenyuk, Collberg and Hudon. Of course I was mad he picked Thrower over Severson but hey, gotta complain a bit

That said, there's nothing to add really about Hudon. We all know he's a good junior player. Remains to be seen what he can do at the next level. I think we all know what his strengths and weaknesses are, no point in debating over him. Same for Bennett and who have you. In the case of McCarron, I still don't think we agree on the type of player he can/should become. From draft day I said he suffered from the Alain Vigneault syndrome. That is, what chair does he sit on? No sure he even knows what his role is and I don't think I've been proven wrong on this one yet.
He has plenty of time before finding where he'll fit in an NHL lineup. One thing I believe though is that he'll be a better Pro than junior, because by then he should be much stronger in his lower body and will be able to really use his natural advantage over other players.

His adjustment to the Pros will be smoother than most, because he already plays a mature game.

Also, McCarron is not the sole player to pad his stats against Sarnia and Kitchener this year. I'm sure you'd find many players that see their PPG rate go up against weaker teams.

People bashed him because he was not producing, but now that he is, we still find something wrong. Let's see if he keeps this up.

Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Drafting a 17-20 goal scorer 25th overall should not be considered a disappointment and that's without taking in consideration the other elements he could bring.
The thing is that 2013 had plenty to chose from, I understand that many people on here could have other preferences at that pick. We need to keep in mind though that what really is important, is how good he's going to be in the NHL, not in Junior. In a lot of cases, lack of production in junior means the guy won't amount to much. But a 6'5'' Powerforward is not most cases. This is a rare breed of player.

Originally Posted by Habaddict View Post
So you liked both Hudon and Lehkonen. Is there a pattern there? Both smallish
players who lack top end speed, and look like they may struggle to add muscles.

Both have already proved that they can compete against grown men.

As a bias, it"s a lot more interesting than the bias some people have in
favor of size and/or fighting skills.

I don't see where you get that Lehkonen lacks top speed. He's a pretty good skater in his own right.

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