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02-10-2007, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
Really? You didn't think that highstick was on purpose last night? Avery is dirty, but he will also go to any length to protect his teammates and delivery retribution.

The way everyone is absolving him of his dirty nature and smack talk makes me think back to when Barnaby came to us. And that's no offense to you P25G988, if that's your honest opinion I respect it but personally I have felt that Avery is dirty, just not as dirty as Tucker.
I am really late to the Avery party (work has been keeping me away from the boards) however, it a pie-in-the-sky scenario, one (if he has ingested enough of Melnyk's happy pills) can hope that Aver can be a late bloomer like Tucker and turn into a replica. Though he is not nearly the intimidating hitter that Tucker is, he is a better skater. Dirty-wise, I am betting that with enough time, Avery will do enough Tucker-like things.

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