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Originally Posted by goggog View Post
My graduating class is trying to plan a 7 day all-inclusive vacation to somewhere in Mexico, Dominican, or Cuba. Unfortunately we've been struggling to make some decisions!
We are trying to keep our group of ~25 cost under $1200 (Calgary depart) but I am wondering what experiences all you HF'ers have had?
What are some good sites to book vacations? (I know of Redtag, Expedia, Air Canada, and WestJet).
Which specific resorts have you experienced and would recommend?

Any other information is appreciated!
First thought is that an All Inclusive in Mexico ends up being a drunkathon that nobody remembers much of, a couple people get lost somewhere, people that shouldn't end up hooking up do, all kinds of drama, and you end up not having that much of an experience and what you do have is spent with an all day blazing hangover spent in the heat. Just could never figure why that's an attractive thing.

Second thought is the whole idea of a "resort" is kinda lame. Why travel all that distance to waste any of that time at a generic resort?

Next being that Cuba and Dominican Republic are cheaper destinations for Eastern travellers. Being that its just as easy from Edmonton why not go to Kauai instead which is a much better time, better destination, not loaded with sickening tourist crap and where you can get off the beaten track. With the Napali coastline trail probably being one of the best experience I've had in my life. Hanelei being one of the most beautiful bays I've ever witnessed in my life. So much to do in Kauai but an island that isn't too large and is pretty explorable within that kind of time frame.

Kauai is the least visited of the main Hawaiian islands but the most beautiful and unspoiled (although this unfortunately changing as well in recent decades) All the movies can't be wrong. This is virtually the best shoot location for movies on the planet. For some reason its not over run, a good thing.

WestJet flies right to Lihue I believe

ps not a great hotel and mixed reviews but if limiting cost is important its alright but in a pretty good location.

Go to Kauai and you'll be lining up to thank me.

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