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02-16-2014, 06:50 PM
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I wouldn't doubt that Ripken was a better natural fielder but he was also a guy that didn't move that well as a shortstop and I'm extremely skeptical to accept defensive metric readings for players who played 10+ years ago. Jeter's prime was square in the middle of guys roiding like crazy so I think it's safe to assume that he was forced to field balls that were hit harder. Where things even out is hard to say.
I'd say Jeter was a slightly above average defensive shortstop in his prime and that Ripken was a good to great defender.
This was one point I never got the chance to make, and why I think this was almost a symantic argument.
I always thought of Ripken primarily as a 'shifted' 3rd baseman!
If Im not mistaken, he came up playing 3rd, and I know he moved over towards the end of his career.
He was also built a heckuva lot more like a power corner than a SS.
But he was such a focal point for the O's, and SS is a far busier position, so it made sense for them, and he certainly handled it fine.
But as far as playing the position defensively, Derek Jeter has nothing to feel bad about. In his prime he made all the plays you could ever ask for, and the guy was pure money at the plate in a big spot.
Yeah Id choose Ripken for one at bat with the game on the line, but Derek Jeter was a fantastic, fantastic player, one any team would cream themselves to have.

Ive also always admired how Jeter handled himself off the field, especially in this Twitter world. Im quite sure the Yankees protected their investment and got at least a few stories swept under the rug, but crazy stuff happens when athletes reach that Michael Jordan level.
That being said, I dont like this whole farewell tour idea, as stated; just like I didnt like steriods or Mark McGuire's family on the field of 100 other things they've done the last decade or so to basically line the owners pockets at the expense of the tradition of the game. But then they didnt ask me what i thought.
It's a business, first, foremost, and always.

Anyway, that's about as nice as I can bring myself to be when it comes to the Yanks, and concludes my thoughts on the subject haha....

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