Thread: Prospect Info: David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom
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02-16-2014, 06:16 PM
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David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom

Okay I know I will be subject to much hate (initially) for this... but in watching OKC a bit more lately and looking at their trajectories... I don't know that there is a whole separating these two right now... how you view that (Klefbom a lesser prospect than we think or Musil a better one) is up to you but I think it is worth discussing

Musil- 6'4, 203
Klefbom- 6'3, 201

Musil- April 09 1993
Klefbom- July 20 1993

Musil- 36 GP, 1-6-7, -9
Klefbom- 39 GP, 0-6-6, -11

-What advantages does Klefbom hold over Musil?
-Why are those advantages not helping him perform better today?
-What are Musil's weaknesses?
-Why are those weaknesses still letting him perform at the same level today?

For me Klefbom is the better skater and thinker... but he has missed so much time at key points... I do not think his future is as bright as once expected... mean while Musil has refined his game... he is what he is... a simple, slower, mean, crease clearer who narrows guys off to the wall like clockwork

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