Thread: Confirmed with Link: [EDM/BUF] Linus Omark For Conditional 6th '14
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02-17-2014, 12:10 AM
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He signed a barebones 2 way contract with the Oilers to come back after playing Switzerland (tore that league up) as his last ditch effort to play in the NHL.
He took his assignment to the AHL was OKC's best forward (again).
He didn't cause a media circus when he didn't make the team out of camp and was traded like both camps agreed upon.
You miss a lot of stuff you don't want to see.

So he didn't light the world on fire in Buffalo, but how many games did you watch I wonder? No **** he played the Oilers hard, he probably wanted to stick it to them (but pretty much all former players do) so not sure what your point is there.

And now because he wants to go back and play close to home he's a crying whiny baby?

Holy crap. The guy didn't succeed. If he didn't have so many rabid supporters coming here and posting maybe the board wouldn't be so hard on him, your posts about him going back with his tail between his legs and crying to mommy are so petulant.

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