Thread: Confirmed with Link: [EDM/BUF] Linus Omark For Conditional 6th '14
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02-17-2014, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
More drama. He played like **** in the NHL, which was supposedly the league he wanted to try to accomplish something in. He wasn't any good with the Oilers and was apparently worse in Buffalo.

Glad he's gone really.

As far as the point about trying to stick it to the Oilers it was hilarious how ineffectual he was at actually doing that.

Raffi Torres scored a Hat Trick against the Oilers one game. Put Eberle in lala land in another.

Omark couldn't even make an impact as hard as he wanted to. It was funny if anything to see that. Couldn't even get it done against the team he had wanted to stick it to.
Who cares about Raffi Torres? This thread isn't about him and has nothing to do with any of the points I was making.

Omark wasn't exactly a ******* player. He scored at a .4 ppg clip in the NHL, which is a lot better than a lot of the skating refrigerators people are clamoring to trade for on this board. So he didn't work out as an Oiler, so he didn't work out as an NHLer (for whatever reason, I still think he could have). To take such delight in his "failure" is weird, like he personally wronged posters here or something.

Also one last point; the only "drama" surrounding his second stint here was completely made up here. He took an olive branch deal, was given a fair try to try and make the team, he didn't whine when he didn't, he went to the AHL and tried to play his way onto another NHL roster, and he didn't trash the organization when he left.

So where is the drama?

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