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I skipped this last season, but the surprising OTS post had me kind of excited to see how I stacked up despite not spending more than 165M on any starters. I think I'll lose ground again when they start phasing in the young studs they've bought.

Pos   Bombsville       	        Rat	|	Pos  Boilermakers       	        Rat	|	Pos   Coronas       	        Rat
G1	Kenneth Shipp	        42	|	G2	Kirk Spicer    		46	|	G3	Lenkauskas		        47
LD1	Valis Grincas	        43	|	LD2	Tobias Hrebec             46     |      LD3   Zebec                        43	
CD1	Joel Sauvage		50	|	CD2	Gwendel Piras		55	|	CD3	Name Nikoloski		55
CD1	Henry Grigorovich		47	|	CD2	Chard McIntyre		51	|	CD3  some Vaicevicius            44
RD1	Leroy Blount		45	|	RD2	Kyrylo Agapiv		44	|	RD3  Name Adamu               51
LM1	Martin Svorad		46	|	LM2	Maks Keber	        	42	|	LM3	Zak Aldridge		64
CM1	Danny Crabbe		44	|	CM2	Konstantin Vrseký     	50	|      CM3  Thomas Ashcraft          54
CM1	Leonard Stamper		##	|	CM2	Victor Taganovich	52	|      CM3  Name Scotto                51
RM1	Juraj Krajco	        	47	|	RM2	Max Mark		       48	|	RM3	Name Steins		55
CF1	Anne Dekker		75	|	CF2	Hudson Young		78	|	CF3	Pavel Palous		79
CF1	Raymond McCready	68	|	CF2	Sandy Beast		70	|	CF3	Rname Blechta		78
Goalie (-4 vs Boilermaker, -5 vs Corona): A bit behind. I was hoping Shipp would be closer to Spicer. Bad ratio maybe? Although I thought I was on the Spicer ratio...

LD (-3, E): Not too bad. I still need an upgrade at SD though. They both have better youngsters in the wings.
CD1 (-5, -5) (-4, +3): My two CDs aren't great, but they'll hold the fort until Strickland/Carpenter are ready. Not that those guys are world beaters, but they will be an upgrade and good enough until I have the other positions sorted out.
RD (+1, -6): Blount is a solid guy to have. I think he'd make a great universal 3rd guy in a rotation. And yet he somehow starts on the NT somehow.

LM (+4, -18): *** Zak Aldridge. Oh my god. I thought I was happy with my current and future SMs, but this area needs an upgrade after this comparison.
CM (-6, -10) (-#, -#): So does this area. Still. Stamper hasn't played yet.
RM (-1, -8): Not awful, but the depression that is the rest of the mids makes this seem worse than it might otherwise be.

CF (-3, -4) (-2, -10): McCready has no chem right now. This will get better. But not really. My guys are old. And the future is just more of the same. Good enough against most teams, but I need a stud to compete with the top guys on even terms. I don't even think I can afford a real upgrade, so I'll have to start shopping for a prospect. I'm not sure if I could afford that either.

EDIT: I wanted to add the Betamax and Fakeballers, I have the numbers, but I ran out of steam and time.

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