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02-17-2014, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Successful Year? He scored 5 goals that season, was a peripheral player the whole year, and for most of the year struggled to get any production.

Linus had 4pts in first 4games that year including a 3pt game and nearly everybody thought it was off to the races. He proceeded to garner only 16pts over the next 40games before finishing strong with 7pts in last 8games in entirely meaningless games.

Not to mention a dismal GA record that year.

This was a one trick pony without many tricks.

You know as fans of the Oilers that were used to absolute dreck when so many welcome the *contribution* of a player like Linus Omark.
It's funny - I'm not an Omark fan, but your posts seem biased against the guy.

Until one steps back and looks at Omark.

He simply did not drive the offence in any of his NHL experience. He had better defenseman support and was relied on heavily in his rookie season, and still couldn't directly contribute to scoring often enough. 8 goals in his 79 games, and I'd say 4 were when the opponent was giving it some gas. He didn't contribute in any other way. A 4th rounder that almost made it. Might have made it on a stacked team. Didn't make it on his own merit. He's a pt/g AHLer. That's good. But it didn't translate to NHL success. NHL equivalency gurus can point at the stats but he didn't help the team.

<day turns to night>

Omark is a poor (poor) man's Sam Gagner.

Man, I hate to say it. Sam had a great-for-Sam year, last year. Finally turned the corner. But that busted jaw was the proverbial "go back three spaces" spot on the gameboard. He's not charging the net, he's not creating offense like he did last year. He reminds me of Omark's rookie year.

So I understand Sam's detractors, and I understand Linus's supporters. The perceived proof of production, the Homer Simpsonesque fall down Springfield Gorge, and the hope for revival.

Good luck to Linus in Sweden, and then Switzerland/Italy/Norway. It was worth a shot.

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