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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Today, I went H/H to his L/L. I don't know why he doesn't bump that up to N/N at least. Especially on the road. He has to know by now that I'm going for it at home every time. Right?

I also play the Coronas, Betamax and Fakeballers at home in the first half. Holy cow. I'm going to have a rough second half. Hopefully I can get my points the first time through.
My thought process is that the marginal expected increase in points due to playing N/N this early in the season does not make up for the marginal expected decrease in points over the next 39 matches and the marginal expected decrease in performance in the NC and ChL matches (17 additional competitive matches last season).

EDIT: Aw, come on! I scored 5 straight goals in handball to tie the game at 31 with 1:13 seconds left. Then gave up the winning goal with 47 seconds left and nothing else happened.
I seem to have found my stride again in handball and it just so happens that my players have plenty of energy left.

Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Goalie (-4 vs Boilermaker, -5 vs Corona): A bit behind. I was hoping Shipp would be closer to Spicer. Bad ratio maybe? Although I thought I was on the Spicer ratio...
Shipp is not on the Spicer ratio. He's also 92 OR points back in the attributes that matter and 21 experience behind. That said, Shipp's ratio may be better than Spicer's (for IGRs) if he's only 4 behind.

LD (-3, E): Not too bad. I still need an upgrade at SD though. They both have better youngsters in the wings.
CD1 (-5, -5) (-4, +3): My two CDs aren't great, but they'll hold the fort until Strickland/Carpenter are ready. Not that those guys are world beaters, but they will be an upgrade and good enough until I have the other positions sorted out.
RD (+1, -6): Blount is a solid guy to have. I think he'd make a great universal 3rd guy in a rotation. And yet he somehow starts on the NT somehow.

LM (+4, -18): *** Zak Aldridge. Oh my god. I thought I was happy with my current and future SMs, but this area needs an upgrade after this comparison.
CM (-6, -10) (-#, -#): So does this area. Still. Stamper hasn't played yet.
RM (-1, -8): Not awful, but the depression that is the rest of the mids makes this seem worse than it might otherwise be.

CF (-3, -4) (-2, -10): McCready has no chem right now. This will get better. But not really. My guys are old. And the future is just more of the same. Good enough against most teams, but I need a stud to compete with the top guys on even terms. I don't even think I can afford a real upgrade, so I'll have to start shopping for a prospect. I'm not sure if I could afford that either.

EDIT: I wanted to add the Betamax and Fakeballers, I have the numbers, but I ran out of steam and time.
I'd like to see those guys added as well. As an FYI, I've been focusing on adding some depth rather than starters the last couple of season.

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