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02-17-2014, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
Not saying he is a poor player but I am saying we have guys like him already that we seem to be wanting to get rid of. Gagner being the first guy and Arco being the second. Omark and Rajala being guys that never would have made it here. Moving Rieder for a bigger body. As much as Arco has been a nice story, I have to think he'll get moved with the plethora of centres available this summer.

This kid is another small skilled guy that will be nothing more than an AHL filler, which, if that's your objective, is fine. I just don't see the purpose of continually pursuing these small skilled guys, at least for this club unless it's as a filler on the farm, as you suggested.

Originally Posted by stratedge View Post
Sorry to throw some logic in peoples faces but with 48 contracts the Oilers aren't going to sign any undersized skilled fringe players to NHL contracts right now. I think the sole reason Stauffer mentions the kid is that he's from Edmonton, not for any Oilers based reason.

At the most, he could get a look in the off season after the Oilers shed some AHL and ECHL players. If I'm making a wager, it's that the most he gets offered by the Oilers is an AHL only contract for next season and a "let's see how you do".
I would much rather have this type of guy, who is unknown but could potentially turn out like the next Tyler Johnston or Conarcher, over a guy like Hamilton, who is a big body, but a bust.

I dont think this guy will be more than an AHL player, but even at that, if he can boost the offense of the Barons, thats great for other prospects, more specifically the D prospects.

If this ever does turn out to be a potential NHL player, and we have no place for him, we can also trade him for another asset, whether it be a 3rd round pick, prospect with size, or even NHL player. Conarcher got returned Bishop last season.

Im still not totally sure why Rajala went back to the SEL, I still feel he has NHL potential, even if its not on the Oilers

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