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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
My thought process is that the marginal expected increase in points due to playing N/N this early in the season does not make up for the marginal expected decrease in points over the next 39 matches and the marginal expected decrease in performance in the NC and ChL matches (17 additional competitive matches last season).
I think I need to take points from you whenever possible. I guess I'm not important enough for you to worry about that yet

If I win the game's I'm supposed to win, then those 3 points will get me into position to challenge the Betamax. Or stave off the Fakeballers.

I seem to have found my stride again in handball and it just so happens that my players have plenty of energy left.
Yeah. I screwed that up again. I just didn't care about it early enough. I should have switched to Low in the beginning. Now that I have made the switch, I just have to avoid any more injuries to my key players.

Shipp is not on the Spicer ratio. He's also 92 OR points back in the attributes that matter and 21 experience behind. That said, Shipp's ratio may be better than Spicer's (for IGRs) if he's only 4 behind.
I think he is. I'm pretty sure I took Spicer's attributes during one of his hot streaks and plugged that in to Shipp's auto-practice. I guess it's possible I switched to another goalie though. I do sometimes find super star or NT players that I really like and I'll emulate them.

For a bit. I like to mix it up. No rhyme or reason why, of course. That would make too much sense.

I'd like to see those guys added as well. As an FYI, I've been focusing on adding some depth rather than starters the last couple of season.

And I know who you're buying. I wanted to get most of them myself You're team is going to explode in a season or two.

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