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02-17-2014, 10:02 PM
DJ Salem
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I think the judging is completely ******** in Figure Skating. They need to get a wider panel of judges, they need to be in secluded booths with video replay so they can't talk amongst one another, and there should be about 3-4 more judges than there are currently.. they imput their technical and component scores into the computer and algorithm will randomly select which scores are taken into account. That way you can't form an alliance because you won't even know if your scores will be taken into account.

I know they take away the highest and lowest score but in a situation like this.. the Russians vote 5.4 and the Americans vote 5.3 for the Canadians.. you're still getting ****ed by an insanely low score.. and then for the Americans one votes 6.0 and the other a 6.0.. well only one 6.0 gets thrown out and they still get bumped up by the other mark.

So it's quite possible the fix is on. I have to think that it is indeed on. I had no problem with the Russian pairs winning on the Pairs competition because it was clear they were the better skaters. Their performance was amazing and even to someone like me who doesn't regularly watch skating, you can tell that they are better.

It's the same here. Tessa and Scott were unbelievable, every part of their performance was able to take someone like me and find a way to be drawn into a skate. The Americans were stiff, you could see they were technically sound and they had good speed, but they weren't always in unison and there was no connection between the two. Their steps weren't as good and the Canadians lifts were more complicated and done more beautifully.

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