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02-02-2004, 12:25 PM
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Keenan is...

Originally Posted by Laches
As bad as a coach as Sather is, and it's hard to think of an arguably worse one in the NHL right now, I do not want Keenan back here. Yes we won the cup with a decade ago, but that has no contemporary relevance. The game has changed. A lot. You need someone who can actually coach. You need a Lemaire, a Hitchcock, or a Martin, someone who understands how games are played, and how games are won, in 2004. All Keenan does is yell. Yes, we'd all like to see the current Rangers get torn a new one after each miserable performance. However, that isn't constructive, and it's not going to bring us any closer to being a winning team. I'm tired of hearing about how a few players having good seasons under Keenan is evidence of what a great coach he is. Dvorak had a career year under Ron Low, I suppose that makes Low a great coach? Keenan has won nothing since leaving the Rangers in '94, and with every team he's been fired from, his successor has done, much, much better. Keenan may satisfy a lust for nostalgia and retribution, but he clearly is not the answer.
and would be a last gasp for Sather. Plus, while Keenan is supposed to be a taskmaster, Messier would probably still rule the roost. The solution at this point comes down to Little Jimmy becoming so embarrassed by what has taken place, moving Sather aside, and allowing a CURRENT hockey mind the time, effort and resources to actually build the organization.

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