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02-10-2007, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
Girardi was another good decision, and to Renney's credit he has stuck with him (of course at the expense of Pock.)

But even then, with 2 or 3 call ups the entire year, that is nothing. Considering who is playing over some of the potential call ups, it is an absolute disgrace for a club in our position. Not saying so and so is ready, not saying that they would hack it, I'm just saying that certain guys could have and should have been given a shot, and the few that did get shots should have been given more time.

I guess at this point I'm hoping Larry is right and next year is their time.
That is what could be. Off course if more "placeholders" are assembled, there may only be so much room. As it is, will there be two realistic spots available on defense for Stall and Baranka to grab? I tend to doubt it. Same with a spot as a middle line center for Dubinsky or another forward to grap on the top two lines. I guess that I can hope for the fact that next year is when youth will be served, but the pessimistic side of me has seen the order of business around here for a while now.

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