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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I'm about #3 or #4. I don't have the depth some of the other guys do but I think I have some better youth than them. I suppose we'll find out in a few seasons when they mature.
That's where we differ. I definitely do not have better youth than the Boileronas.

Originally Posted by fakezomg View Post
Not getting good youth pulls from my SA makes it hard to keep up. I've had high level facilities for quite a while now, and it just hasn't paid off compared to the rest of you guys. Just as a rough comparison of current rosters - Boilermakers have 6 National Team players, 4 U20, and 4 U17 that have come from his own SA, FC Corona has 2 NT and 3 U17 quality players on the team, but he's also sold a bunch of pulls that were good enough to make the roster of the youth teams. Arlington Betamax has 5 NT, 5 U20, and 1 U17 players, Bombsville Atomics have 4 NT, 2 U20, 2 U17, and I've got 0 NT, 1 U20 player, and 1 U17 player came from my academy that I sold because he's not that good, but I guess the team is desperate for defense.

So, that's a pretty big disparity in the quality of youth pulls over the last 5+ seasons, which means I'll steadily be falling behind, except for the occasional multi-hundred million dollar purchase, until my squad of purchased 18-year-olds gets in their mid 20s, and are ready to start.
What are your average pulls like? I don't get the super stars (although they look a lot better now that I have SA15), but my soccer SA regularly puts out 3.5 star players. Sometimes those guys are useful, sometimes they are fatally flawed. But it's a fairly consistent stream of 3.5 star players. I kind of expect one every week now. I don't always get one, but I always expect it.

Hockey is completely different. I went 7-8 seasons with only one good pull. And I haven't had anyone with starter potential, youth pull or otherwise, reach 18 & 6/6.

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