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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Would like to see Morin have another good camp and more preseason action next year. Like someone else said give him those 9 games, then make a decision. St Louis took it's time with Pietrangelo, look how that worked out. He stepped in after his junior years and immediately is a game changer.

Another year wouldn't hurt Morin, but if he is ready for the league let him stay. Every big defender will have their problems with shifty smaller forwards in every league, it's a growing pain. If that is the main concern for Morin, we are looking at a great player then. He does look like he will have a NHL shot and first pass though. Skating isn't an issue as well as defense(although it will always have room to get better). Hardest shot in the Q will look awesome on our back end soon enough. Over 100 MPH is a tough shot to stop(see Pete Weber) and it's not that bad in terms of accuracy.

Time will tell what we have but I am excited for him. Big time potential and extremely encouraging that scouts are saying he could become a monster #1
I'll admit that I was initially disappointed with the Morin pick. Part of my reasoning was that he was at least 4 to 5 years away because he had A LOT of work to do. Part of it was because I was a REALLY big Josh Morrissey fan and thought he was exactly what the Flyers were lacking in terms of defensive prospects. However, watching Sam in training camp, I came away impressed and have watched an awful lot of Rimouski games this year and came away that he's really getting it and has made a valiant effort in trying to get better in every facet of his game.

I still believe he's about 3 to 4 years away, but that's only because he's still relatively light for his frame. He really needs to get to the 230 - 240 pound mark and I think you'll see his game come together. He's still too light and you can see it in the way he deals with smaller forwards who are fast. He's so worried about his footwork and his center of gravity that he lets up and then they zip by him. He hits that 240 pound mark and he'll be able to let those little forwards come towards him and he'll be able to lower the boom and not worry about losing his balance. That's the biggest "flaw" in his game right now, but it's something that's easily corrected.

The only other complaint I have about Sam is how the coaching staff in Rimouski are using him. They flip him between shut down and offense and I think it's hurting his game. The coach needs to quit messing around and assign Sam a legitimate role and let him run with it. My own personal preference is to use him as the point man on the power play and let him play offense. Let him use that cannon of a shot. Let him get his offensive game worked out. Then next season, they use him as the number one defenseman on the club and let him dictate the flow of the game.

I posted earlier about the possibility of him and Gostisbehere in Philadelphia next year, but the only way that happens is if they force Flyers management/coaching hands into creating spots for them. It's not unprecedented (San Jose did it with Carle and Vlasic in 06-07), but it's highly unlikely.

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