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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Ward played with Jagr and still played like garbage.
Yes I understand but i think Hossa has alot more of an upside than Ward does.

What is Hossa game, the kid is neither gonna be a good first or second liner player if not he is useless, didnt like him then and still dont now. my opinion wont change, until I see constant steadiness from him, he is to unrreliable and inconsistant. But renney and Staher are so high on him its ridiculous.

Sather likes grabbing 1st round busts and hoping they become super stars and so far he is way the **** off.

im not putting him down but he was a first rounder and he is no more than a 3rd / 4th liner, so I dont see why Sather and Renney love him so, as for everyone else on this board,well they will knock him on the reg, but he has a couple good games and now everyone loves him and im hearing ******** from every dope on here, that ll the sudden" lets lo\ve Hossa for who he is". i been on these boards for 3-4 yeas already and the same people are here and there opinions never change and neither does the retardedness.

When people are playing bad every one knocks them, when there playing great every one loves them.

once Hossa starts suckigng again I expect to see a " LETS TRADE HOSSA THREAD", its common on these boards, its almost a joke, which Is why i post like one or 2 things eevery so often, i cant even really take the board seriously, expect for maybe a couple guys like Fletch and mellrpose who seem to always have there heads straight. As for everyone else,well I dont now, I guess, the bset thing to say is your all really good people and Im lad to be a member here on HF.

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