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Big Hockey Fan since 1985 played myself from 5 years old til the age of 17.
I saw many ups and downs in Germany's hockey since then. I still think the era of the late 80s to Mid 90s was the best we had in a while. The Team in 1993 Home WC in Dortmund and 1992 Olympics in Albertville came close to a Medal and not just of luck.
The Sport Side of German Hockey was on a good way, but on the other hand German Hockey could have been described as a financial Disaster due to the fact our local Heroes could get payed like NHL players and had brought the Clubs to the Edge of Bankruptcy.
If someone's not believing, there was just recently an interview with Udo Kiessling in which he'd been asked why he'd just played one Game for Minnesota and not signed the One way Contract Offer to stay with the North Stars, Man I can tell you. Even former NJ Devil Uli Hiemer was more than happy to return to Düsseldorf after some seasons in North America in which he'd performed pretty good.
And than came Bosman and turned the Tide to the other side.
As the Floodgates opened up and low budget Foreigners came to the DEL in bunches from all over the World, we'd lost a whole Generation of young players, unable to get a spot in a DEL Team. This was the big Chance for the Clubs to reduce costs and change the Bundesliga to a North American style kind of League. Now known as DEL - don't get me wrong here guys there'd something to be done ASAP at this time of Bundesliga History, and now after some years myself became a DEL fan. It's like the Russians say "who don't misses the Soviet Union has no heart but those who want it back are fools" so yeah I loved the Bundesliga but DEL may be the best solution in long term direction.
While our neighbor rival Switzerland stuck to I think 2 import players per Team coz they weren't a member of the EU and had the financial power to attract top class Players like Chomutov, Bykov and Eldebrink for instance, all we've got was Craighead and other Guys you've even never heard about before.
And the Result was the bitter Relegation to B Division in Vienna 2005, ten Years after we'd the chance to go for a Medal at the IIHF WC 1995 in which a win over Switzerland was the most common event. Now the Suisse are a big step ahead and have enough Quality to go for a Medal (not at the Olympics with full force NHL, KHL players, but at a regular IIHF WC)
We're still recovering from the Era and our Youth Program's improved, but so have all programs of European Nations of Hockey and its rather a game of catch up at the moment. Guys I possibly could Textwall for hours but don't wanna be annoying in my very first post

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