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Originally Posted by Fixed to Ruin View Post
What a terrible article. Feel like i just read a post on the trade proposal forum

Stastny - My argument for Stastny is simple. If the Avs can't afford his price tag. We probably can't either. I know the financial situation of the Avs is different than ours however, we can't be dumping 6 to 7 million (that's the rumored ask from the Stastny camp) on a marginal 1st line center when we have so many other holes to fill elsewhere.

Couturier - Makes sense in theory but as mentioned in the article you will create holes elsewhere by trading for Couturier (Eberle?). So its a sideways move at best and will require more rebuilding and waiting for the team to get better at other positions.

Spezza - He can't play with Michalek anymore. He can't play with Ryan. Injuries have caught up with him and he hasn't shown that he's back at the level that made him one of the best centers in the league the last few years. He's on pace for 64 pts and a -33 this season. Oh yeah he makes 7 million and is a UFA at the end of next season. We shouldn't be giving up significant assets for a guy like that.
The article is not terrible.. Just because it looks like a wishful fan making a post on these boards does not make it aweful.

There is more to pricetag when it comes to Avs and Statsny.. They have 3 other top 2 Cs on that club. ROR, Duchene and Mackinnon.. Oilers have RNH and who?

Couturier for Eberle isnt really a sideways move.. It is much easier to find wingers than finding a big young C to shore up the team down the middle. Re sign Hemsky or bring in a player like Brouwer or Kulemin or Stewart.

Spezza with his dip in, health issues and contract status would not cost a lot to acquire. He wont come cheap but getting him won gut this team.

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