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Originally Posted by Fixed to Ruin View Post
I can't see how we can afford Stastny over the long term at 6 to 7 million / 7 years or whatever huge contract he's going to sign over the summer. We have no defense and no legitimate #1 goalie. At some point that contract will be a cap killer when we need to resign other younger players coming off RFA deals.

I don't disagree with the sentiment that Couturier would go a long ways to sure up our center ice position. However i don't think giving up on a player like Eberle is the right course of action.

Vanek got a 1st a 2nd and Matt Moulson for the Sabres. If the Sens wanted that sure i would do it. However in reality the Sens have been pretty clear that they are in a win now mode. See LeBrun's article:

For the Sens it makes no sense to trade Spezza as they can't replace him easily with free agency or with other players in their system.

Therefore, i think the only way you get Spezza is at the trade deadline next year if the Sens season implode and they are out of the playoffs and the Oilers are in a playoff position. Both are extreme reaches imo.

The article is more than wishful thinking its mostly unrealistic speculation.
Sens are pretty much done with Spezza.. They had a Sens analyst on 1260 saying the team plays better with him out of the lineup. If you check the main boards a lot of Sens fans are also done with him and are happy with Turris\Zibanejad\Smith down the middle with Pageau and Lazar not too far behind.

OTT trading Spezza is not as unrealsitic as you think.

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