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02-18-2014, 04:11 PM
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Hagg is physically ready for the NHL now... which Morin and Ghost are not (though I imagine Ghost could be for next year... Morin is a specimen but has to grow into his body), he makes grown men in probably the worlds 3rd (after NHL and KHL IMO) best league look like children at times both with both his 'finesse' (skating, balance) and 'brute' (strength, hitting) physical skills. If he can smooth over his inconsistency and have less 'brainfarts'... which I think he has to a degree this year (and his defensive ability has improved a lot IMO over the season) he is ready. He just turned 19... skates beautifully, can hit and take hits like a mack truck and is 6'2 and ~210 pounds... I imagine he will be ~220 in the next few years, and at 6'2 and 220 skating the way he does... very nice.

That being said he should be in the SHL next year... preferably getting 20minutes a night. Modo are my fave SHL team; but if they cannot guarantee that he needs to go somewhere else, he is the youngest defenceman in the league full time and would be getting 18-20+ on some rosters this year. If he can get 20 mins a night in the SHL age 19-20 and put up decent points (not as important as 'smoothing the kinks' though.) he could be very well ready to step in in 15-16.

That being said I think overall Ghost is closest to being NHL ready.

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