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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
What are your average pulls like? I don't get the super stars (although they look a lot better now that I have SA15), but my soccer SA regularly puts out 3.5 star players. Sometimes those guys are useful, sometimes they are fatally flawed. But it's a fairly consistent stream of 3.5 star players. I kind of expect one every week now. I don't always get one, but I always expect it.
I don't keep track, so I couldn't tell you what the real average is, but it feels like I get one 3.5 star player per month. The problem is, 3.5 star players aren't good enough to keep on the roster given the extra player fees, and no one even wants to buy them off me for a million (I don't see a point in selling them for 10k and adding to my # of transfers). So, unless they have really high OR, I'm not even going to bother pulling anyone less than 4 stars from now on.

Once my 18-year-olds get in their 20s, things will be swell, but for now I'll just try to hold on as best I can. In case you didn't notice, that CF free agent went for 800 million, so it looks like another season of sitting on my money till I can afford a quality upgrade.

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