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02-18-2014, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
You sure seem positive that the Oilers easily lost the deal.
Here's a newsflash. Klefbom is freaking 20 years old and this is his first season on North American ice so what is this nonsense about the Oilers losing a deal when we have no idea what impact Klefbom will have on the Oilers?

The correct answer is that L.A. got what they wanted out of the deal which is a forward who helped them win a Stanley Cup and the Oilers got what they wanted which is a 1st round pick that turned into a darn good prospect who can potentially be a fixture on their blueline for many years to come.
As of now, it's a win-incomplete because L.A. already got their value out of the deal and the Oilers were going nowhere with Penner anyway. It was likely only a matter of time until he was dealt anyway and the Oilers got a prospect who can potentially be an important player for them who wasn't going to be here long term.

Lets re-evaluate the trade in 3-4 years then we can get a better read on the return that the Oilers got. If Klefbom becomes a solid top 4 Dman for the Oilers, then the trade was a good one and if he turns out to be a bust, then it would have been a waste of an asset but a worthwhile gamble nonetheless.
Saying that the trade is a loss is just as dumb as those who said when the trade happened that it was a fleecing in favor of the Oilers.
While this is a pretty solid post it overlooks that the assets in this case are long ranged deferred. By quite a lot. LA already got everything they wanted out of the deal, got the ultimate prize, a SC and with Penner playing a reasonable part in that.

In terms of assets you can't just look at who will be better. The deferred factor should also be considered. Like it would in any asset mix trade. To wit whats better a mid earning asset that is earning every year or one that doesn't even start to accrue until 6-7yrs after the trade, if that. Really, how many people would pick the asset that starts earning in maybe 7yrs? Hell people don't even lock in for 7years on investment products and that's with annual accrual.

At this point what we know is LA won this bigtime in a lol transaction that got them the holy grail and didn't even cost a roster player. Not to mention the huge financial benefit there is to an org for winning the cup. Which does great things to even lukewarm markets. Kings already cashed in their chips and hit the jackpot. Klefbom needs to be a way better asset then Penner for us to even talk about this deal being close to even. Due to the long range deferred benefit. There is a cost in that. We're seeing that nature of cost every game, every year, in what is a sad sack lineup. That could probably use Penners size and intangibles.

Oilers needed immediate help when they made the deal. Not long range deferred assets.

WE don't need more draft picks. We didn't then either.

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