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02-18-2014, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Sorry D2M, sadly I have never been to one, but I do know that I believe it is a package. Systemfel, the mod on the Olympic forum would be your best bet to ask. It might be too early for information though.

I just got into Rugby a couple years ago and sadly the only tourney I get to watch is the Six Nations. I get all these other rugby games, but it is played with half of the players and involves USA which pretty much sucks. I am also trying to understand some of the penalties still.

My list
1. Hockey
2. Football (Arsenal and Deutschland/Poland)
3A. Tennis (Poland and everyone except Nadal. Actually been really enjoying Wawrinka's game)
3B. Rugby (Wales)

I'm starting to get into Gaelic Football, but there is absolutely no coverage anywhere in USA and I hate online streams (the worst thing ever).

After England took the league, France looked like they were done. Still shocked that they came back. How good is Twelvetrees? Because he was pretty damn good in that game.

I go for Wales because Halfpenny is one of the most entertaining players you can watch in rugby.

Alright boys I will definitely watch the All blacks game!!!!!

Twelvetree's is a sore point for me because we developed him at my local club Leicester before he moved on to get regular first team rugby whereas i feel he shouldve stayed and fought for his place (same happened with George Ford who might play for England next game). He's big, strong and got great hands, he can really do it all he just needs to round out his game a bit and be more consistent.

Halfpenny is a cracking player so I don't blame you. That whole Wales team is exciting especially George North that guys a beast.

On the penalties, they are hard to see on tv, but most of the time they will be because one of the teams is doing something to prevent the other team getting the ball at a ruck (you have to be on your feet to stop the other team and you cant touch it with your hands, also the tackled player must release the ball as soon as he is tackled)

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