Thread: Prospect Info: David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom
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02-18-2014, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Why is Penner being hailed as the player who put them over the top? Penner was a passenger the entire season, and the cup was won on the back of Quick. LA could have literally traded 10 1sts for Ryan Smyth and still won the cup. Would that deal be a win for LA because they won the cup with Smyth? Penner had an extremely marginal impact on winning the cup, his contributions (3 goals, 11 points) were mirrored by Trevor Lewis (3 goals, 9 points) and Dwight King (5 goals, 8 points). Was Trevor Lewis responsible for the cup? or could he (and Penner) be replaced by any 3rd liner and no impact would be noticed

And by keeping Penner, we would have not been any better off. He would have had a couple 25 point seasons (like he had), and we wouldn't have gotten Perron (an upgrade)

If we are talking about assets, Penner is an asset declining at a very quick rate, and is no longer with LA, and likely wouldn't have been with us today (he had 2 chances to sign here)

We also didn't immediate help, we were a horrible team with no prospects. The Penner deal is the exact example of a rebuilding deal
I'm an LA Kings fan. Penner had a good playoffs. Who the hell cared what he did in the regular season its the playoffs that matter. (I guess we forget that here)

Judging from your statistical analysis you didn't even watch the games. Or you wouldn't be comparing Penners contribution with Dwight King, or Trevor Lewis.

Also, nobody stated Penner was "responsible for the cup" He was a very helpful ingredient and had a pretty physical playoffs, was hard to play against, and created a lot of space for linemates. The good Penner most definitely showed up in the playoffs that year.

Finally, it doesn't matter one iota subsequent to trade that Penner is a declining asset, he's not even the Kings asset anymore. Kings cashed in their chips. Jury is out on what we got in deferred assets.

lets keep it real here too. Plenty of posters here figured Teubert was a meaningful part of this transaction ftr and that his involvement made the trade more palatable in getting a player back.
But of course that was debunked as I stated at the time.

This is NOTHING about Klefbom either. Maybe he turns into a stud. But one can't assume that either. For now, and that's all I stated, Kings won this hands down.

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