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02-18-2014, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Reason #2848 that Eakins is in way over his head:

Still, we just can't go into another year with yet another new head coach. So we need two things:

1) Eakins has to recognize that his ideas aren't the only way that works. True, he may be different in the room, but everything he's said in the press leans this way.

2) We need to dump the all assistants and get him some experienced help, especially in areas where he has philosophical deficiencies, such as zone entry, power plays, handling player workloads, mentoring defensemen, etc.

MacT may need to take as bold a step as bringing in someone as associate coach on the offensive side of things.
just more weirdness. It looks more and more like Eakins is not coaching the players he's got, he is trying to break said players into the player-types he wants for the team he invisions.

Just what did Mact so love about this guy? when you love a guys philosophy on what makes a championship team, do you not consider the actual players you've got? I think Mact completely forgot about this vital aspect when he pulled the trigger on Kruger. It was an impulse move completely shrouded in emotion. he saw stars after interviewing Eakins, and after a few martinis in Lowe's room, he pulled the pin. Now he's got a coach that is more suited for a bunch of hacks, working with elite, but very raw skill.

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