Thread: Prospect Info: David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom
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02-19-2014, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
OKC is not a very good team and with not exceptional D either. I note a lot of posts in the thread not making much difference between Mucil and Klefbom. with those tending to be from noted OKC viewers.

As far as SEL we know that performance in one means next to nothing in the other. Results, performance really not being transferrable.

But anyway good discussion, and again ftr I'm not counting Klef out or anything as he is still very young. You don't find a lot of 20old D that look all that good.
Results in the SEL arent always transferrable, but his play gives merit to the Oilers wanting to bring him over. Its not like they wanted to bring him over even though he was getting his lunch handed to him in the SEL

Here are some quotes from Jonathan Willis, a big OKC follower

Klefbom has been the third most-impressive AHL blueliner, and his numbers back that up. He’s been playing mostly on a pairing with David Musil too, so his results have not been goosed by having a difference-making partner

As things stand now, both Fedun and Klefbom are legitimate NHL recall options, with my preference being to give Fedun the first crack at the job because the clock’s ticking on him to a degree it isn’t with Klefbom and it would be nice to know now whether he can make the jump
Fedun being #1, Gernat 2, Klefbom 3

Heres an explanation for Gernats better numbers

Gernat’s strong numbers are likely attributable to two things: playing a lot with Fedun and spending a disproportionate amount of his time on the roster late in the year (the team’s Fenwick numbers have improved significantly over the course of the season). He’s been good, but he has not been the second best defenceman on the roster.
I think Klefbom is near NHL ready. But then he could bust and we lose this trade.

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