Thread: Prospect Info: David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom
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02-19-2014, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
While this is a pretty solid post it overlooks that the assets in this case are long ranged deferred. By quite a lot. LA already got everything they wanted out of the deal, got the ultimate prize, a SC and with Penner playing a reasonable part in that.

In terms of assets you can't just look at who will be better. The deferred factor should also be considered. Like it would in any asset mix trade. To wit whats better a mid earning asset that is earning every year or one that doesn't even start to accrue until 6-7yrs after the trade, if that. Really, how many people would pick the asset that starts earning in maybe 7yrs? Hell people don't even lock in for 7years on investment products and that's with annual accrual.

At this point what we know is LA won this bigtime in a lol transaction that got them the holy grail and didn't even cost a roster player. Not to mention the huge financial benefit there is to an org for winning the cup. Which does great things to even lukewarm markets. Kings already cashed in their chips and hit the jackpot. Klefbom needs to be a way better asset then Penner for us to even talk about this deal being close to even. Due to the long range deferred benefit. There is a cost in that. We're seeing that nature of cost every game, every year, in what is a sad sack lineup. That could probably use Penners size and intangibles.

Oilers needed immediate help when they made the deal. Not long range deferred assets.

WE don't need more draft picks. We didn't then either.
You're not looking at the deal in context. It's not so easy to say that Penner was an NHL player who played a small part in the Kings run so it's an automatic loss for the Oilers. The fact of the matter is that the Oilers were a team that was clearly looking to get younger and Penner was becoming a depreciating asset. His play was becoming more and more apathetic by the game probably due to the frustration of playing for a losing team so Tambellini got value for him while he could and another big factor is that he was likely going to walk after the next season with an eye for California so Tambo sold him at the highest value that he could. Rebuilding teams make these type of moves all the time so it's not exclusive to the Oilers. It's actually one of the few smart moves that he made in his tenure.

Now, if you want to say that this was a win for L.A., i agree with that because they got exactly what they wanted out of the deal and really didn't have as much a need for prospects and draft picks. They were looking for a short term solution and it worked out for them.
Conversely, the Oilers needed draft picks and prospects considering what state they were in and less veterans who quite frankly, didn't seem to have much interest playing for a team that was going nowhere anytime soon so they were looking for a long term solution which has yet to bear fruit.

I just take issue with those who say that the Oilers lost this deal. It's easy to say that without looking at context but the reality is that it is yet to be determined how the Oilers made out in the deal until we see what type of impact player Klefbom turns out to be or not.

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