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02-19-2014, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Up the Irons View Post
I suppose. that philosophy in Mact's time was understandable under the circumstances. low budget players like Greer, Moreau, Rem Murray, etc, and grind it out, out work the opposition, dive on the grenade style made sense.

I guess, if mact wants to use the assets he's got to get more of these type of players, while still keeping at least 4 of his elite players, it could work. its a solid theory. put can it be done and soon enough to keep me (and Hall/Eberle) interested? He can't allow this team to finish in the bottom five again. His 7 months to drastically improve this team.
It's not really understandable. A team that needed to excel at drafting and development to remain competitive; was instead terrible and drafting and tore down players that showed even a hint of promise before losing them to other organizations who struggled to build them back up again(most were lost causes by that point though).

If you put any stock into Tyler's conclusions(which you do since you were quoting and presenting a response regarding those conclusion), then you can already see it happening again. Hall's game is being torn down to a more simplistic approach to conform to how Eakins feels the game should be played as opposed to what Hall is good(if not outright dynamic) at; that's a classic Mactavish coaching move.

It's a script we've all seen before. It's one where the talent heads to greener pasture at the first opportunity they get(if not outright forcing the move), and the team tops out as a contender for scraping into the playoffs on the last day of the season, and nothing more.

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